4 thoughts on “Bootsplash patch for Linux kernel 2.6.32

  • Wolfgang

    Thank you for the bootsplash patch. Your work saved me some
    time to do the same task.

    greetings and merry christmas


  • kakaopor

    I am happy I could help.

    Thank you, and merry christmas to you too!


  • vellowax

    Any link for the bootsplash patch for kernel 2.6.30 ?
    thanks before

  • smn

    Its a nice patch.. without hunk fails, could able patch 🙂
    However could not succeed to see the bootsplash on my LCD.
    The steps i follow is as below:
    1. Patched the kernel and configured the following:
    2. Modified the kernel command line with “splash=silent,theme: console=tty1”
    3. Added the theme in “/etc/bootsplash/.

    Is there anything missing the above steps.

    Thank you and regards,

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